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Jodi has been a swim teacher for almost 20 years. She previously operated a swim school in Wollongong with her Mother. Jodi and her family have been swimmers their whole lives. She has competed in more swim meets and nipper carnivals than she can remember! One of her favourite swimmers of all time is a young girls with cerebral palsy, who became a competitive swimmer. Jodi says that swimming is so much more than just exercise.

Favourite stroke:  Breaststroke

Favourite Class:   Squads

Favourite thing outside of swimming: Netball, family and friends time.



Kathleen has been teaching swimming for the past 7 years. After years of taking her own children to Swimming Lessons and watching not only their progress but the relationships and trust they developed in their own Swim Instructors she decided that she wanted to be able to help other children develop a positive, safe and fun attitude to water. Kathleen loves watching the progress and confidence her students get when they master a task they have been working on but more importantly the smiles and excitement her students have when they come to classes and participate in their favourite activities or show off their newly mastered skills to their Parents, Grandparents or anyone special who has come to watch them Swim.


Favourite Stroke:Freestyle

Favourite Mums and Bubs Activity:Running on the Mat

Favourite Activity Outside of Swimming:Weekends away with Family and Friends





Melanie has been teaching swimming for over 10 years. Her passion for fitness and keeping children safe in and around water drew her to become a swim teacher. After teaching at other centers she decided to put together a program that focussed on achieving goals through a positive and motivating environment with passionate and dedicated teaching staff. She then opened Starting Blocks at Kirrawee in 2005.

Favourite stroke:  Breaststroke

Favourite thing outside of swimming: Spending time as a family, holidays and new experiences.



Metika has a passion for swimming, having competed for many years; both pool and 5km open water swimming, reaching state and national levels. She would love to encourage others who are learning to swim to reach their goals and have a wonderful relationship with the water. She believes swimming is such an integral skill to have, and one that will stay with you forever. Metika is currently studying Medical Science at UNSW, and coaches part-time. Seeing the kids smiling faces each week, forming relationships, and helping to propagate them through their swimming journey is so rewarding and fulfilling. That moment when you can tell one of your students that they have moved up a level, makes you feel proud as a swim teacher.

Favourite stroke: Butterfly

Favourite activities outside of swimming: spending time with family and friends, reading and swimming for fitness.






Paul has been teaching swimming for over 10 years. Initially becoming a swim teacher from his background with Royal lifesaving and wanting to help people learn an important life skill, he has also developed a passion for the competitive side of swimming as well. Paul’s goals for his classes are to keep them fun, add high energy, and push his students to keep striving for their best. He is always excited when one of his students perfects or achieves something that they have been working on.


Favourite stroke: Breaststroke.


Favourite mums and bubs activity: Motorboats.


Favourite activity outside of swimming: Performing in Musicals with my kids.




Rowena has always loved the water and decided to start swim teaching around 4 years ago. She loves coaching a variety of classes from babies all the way to squads with juniors to professional athletes. Rowena believes swimming is an important skill for kids to learn as it keeps them safe around the water while also teaching them that practise and doing your best are keys to improvement. Most importantly Rowena wants the kids in her class to have fun, enjoy being around the water and to feel proud of the progress they make.


Favourite mums and bubs activity: Humpty Dumpty on the mat.


Favourite stroke: Freestyle and breaststroke (I know that's two but they are a tie for first


Favourite activities outside of swimming: Spending time with my husband and two daughters, competing and training for triathlon.