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Party Conditions


Our swim parties are designed to provide as much fun as possible, with the inclusion of the following guidelines:

·         The party is held in one pool – usually the 25m pool. ( during this time the other pool is closed )

·         It is a pool party. Swimming is involved which requires swimming ability. While this statement may seem obvious and redundant, it still needs to be said as it sometimes comes as a shock!

·         Non/beginner swimmers are welcome to come, however, a parent of the non/beginner swimmer is required to be in the water for their assistance. Flotation aids are to be worn.

·         We provide 2 party hosts to run the party and supervise the safety of all of the guests.

·         The party hosts are present to host the party, not to directly supervise an individual non/beginner swimmer (this is the parents responsibility). Additional hosts/instructors are available for hire at a rate of $35 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours hire. This extra service is required to be booked in advance.

·         The party is of 2 hours duration, inclusive of the warm up games, swim time and party food / cake time. Parents of the Birthday boy/girl are welcome to arrive 15 minutes early to set up any additional decorations / food, and there is a maximum of 15 minutes pack up time at the completion of the party. Our party hosts will be cleaning directly after the party.

·         There is a $50 refundable deposit to be paid on top of the party fee. This will be refunded assuming that all guests and additional decorations have left within the 15 minute exit time, that no damage outside of normal wear and tear has occurred, no extra cleaning is required other than normal wear and tear.

·         All guests are to follow the instructions of the hosts. Any unruly or dangerous behaviour will may result in expulsion from the water.

The equipment we use for parties is: Noodles, Beach Balls and backbubbles. There is other equipment in the centre that we use for learn to swim, but is not used at the parties.