Wet Faces

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We see a lot of learners who do not like to get their face wet. There can be so many reasons for this, including: Gasping water while submerged (bubble blowing exercises at swimming and home will help this), Soap in the eyes while washing (you still need to wash! However, not allowing water on the face at all will make it harder to accept later. As far as Paul is concerned, the shower visor that stops water going on the face while washing is something you should not buy). Telling the little person that they will not go under water while swimming is like saying that a bird can fly without wings (be honest – yes we go underwater, but then we come back up- it’s ok! – after some practice, it is really fun!).

In short, start early with water on the face and keep it up. Sprinkles, splashes, submersions, jumping in, watering cans over the head/face, bubbles, etc, all help to get our face/head in the water, which is essential to develop correct swimming strokes.