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Water Entries

Listing water entry techniques from safest:
1) walk/wade –
enter the water by walking or sliding feet along the bottom, getting progressively deeper.
2) slide entry –
when the depth and state of the bottom are unknown, entering from an edge, and option 1 is not available. Use upper body to slowly lower into the water feeling with feet for obstacles.
3) Stride entry/safety step –
when entering water of known depth and conditions. From a standing position extend 1 leg some distance, slightly bend the knees, lean forward and extend arms sideways. On entering the water, push down with the arms and scissor kick the legs to keep head out of water.
4) Compact Jump –
when entry is from a height greater than 1 meter into known deep water. Place both arms across the body with 1 over  the mouth
and nose, step off then bring legs together keeping them straight. Hold this position vertically ensuring feet go in  first. Once under water tuck the body.
5) Accidental fall –
When falling in unexpectedly. Continue with fall ( DO NOT TURN AROUND TO TRY AND CATCH THE SIDE AS AN INJURY IS LIKELY FROM THIS) Tuck chin onto chest, place hands on head using arms to protect face and chest. Raise knees towards chest.
6) Dive – that’s a whole new lesson! Only into deep known water.