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Blowing Bubbles

Something that sounds so trivial is in fact an essential component of a swimmers stroke. Each stroke requires a well timed exhalation to allow an efficient well timed inhalation. Some swimmers struggle to blow bubbles, or, control their breathing while swimming.
HOMEWORK- if your little champion is developing this vital component of swimming, try the following activities at home: With a cup of milk and a straw- take a full breath, then blow through the straw a full exhalation which will make milk bubbles (and probably a mess!). With a bowl of  water, or in the bath- take a full breath, then with lips 2-5cm above the surface of the water, exhale to blow a “hole” in the water. See how long you can blow the hole for. Or even blow bubbles in the bath in sets – full breath then bubbles for a full exhalation, raise head for an inhalation only ( no exhaling here!) and without a pause, back to bubbles (Repeat this several times). Blow a ping pong ball or something similar around the surface of the water. Then blow bubbles to move it.